Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on current status

From Sri S. Lakshminarayanan on 17th June, 2010
"Dear and respected co-devotees ,
I am coming back to you after a small gap of about 20 days with respect to the above Thiruppani. Though initial committed amount of estimated expenditure and completion of the project remained as 1.0 lakh of rupees and 120days respectively the whole thing got shifted to now as 3.5 lakhs and 6 months. This increase of of cost and time is due to change of scenario as well as the fear and doubts arose out of Shree Kalahasti Rajagopuram tower collapse and an experts advise to us on how to about More than all this a devotee from Spore offered to assist us through a contribution of a lakh of rupees on his own .This is in addition to his earlier donation of rs 33000. We as a whole wish his kith and kin to be kept always in good spirit.

My humble prayers remain the same for all our Vadapakkam donors as well as for all others coming to be with me
As a result the days picture of complete bulldozing the Shivas Garbagruha is shown in the attached slideshow.
Hence a more skilled Sthapathi cum architectural man is appointed to carry out the job
All the other Silaigal are ready and will be kept in cereals (dhanyam), milk and holywater.
Please wait for my next report next week

0 9884 126 417"

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