Monday, March 22, 2010

Temple renovation efforts

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
Sri Sivaya Namaha

Dear devotees,

The Cauvery delta has been noted not just for its soil fertility but also the fertility of human mind to breed religious thoughts and piety. No wonder it has been home to so many temples – huge and magnificent. There are also smaller temples in villages which are in need of attention for regular worship to commence. One of them is the temple of SHREE CHIDAMBARESWARASWAMI in Vadapakka Agraharam village close to Valangaiman town (Thiruvarur district). This temple is surrounded by Karuvalarsery Sri. Agastheeswarar, Tippirajapuram village, Naachiyaarkoil and Marudanallur Sadguruswamigal madam is about 2 km from here.
This ancient sivalayaa is estimated to be about 900 years old - built during chola king Kulothunga's reign, needs complete renovation. The mulasthana lingam, alone still left there in its original place making all the other deities to be finding their way out from the village.

This writer visited the village along with Sri Thiruvadikudil Swamigal of Kumbakonam on 3rd Mar. 2010 and was shocked to see this temple in ruins. Now it has been decided with the divine blessings of Sri Siva to immediately to renovate the temple as per aagamas mainly installing the main lingam, a small size Vinayagar and Murugar also to find a place in addition to Sri Nandiswarar. Ambaal will be in the form of bogasakthi yanthra so that day to day aradhanai will be made more easy to the priest.
We are making all efforts ,also to continue the nithya puja at the temple after kumbaabishegam.
The Balalayam ceremony was performed recently and original temple state and balalayam ceremony photos are in slideshow of photographs
Considering the importance of shiva aalaya kaingarya being most important in one's life equivalent to performinmg an aswamedhayaagam, all devotees are requested to contribute what is possible and to further the cause of the temple renovation.

Sivaya Namah

S. Lakshminarayanan



  2. Good contructive spiritual work is done by this organization in India
    My Pranam to Shankeracharya.
    My best complement to its trustees and volunteers and donors

    Lord Shiva worship is essential for removing obstackles and to solve family problems This is my experience

    Truly your devotee

    Shankerprasad S Bhatt
    Writer Book Reviewer
    Asscociated with Hindu University of America
    Associated with elderly organization in Chicago
    Social worker July 9th 2010

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